Bonanza vs Ebay?

We are now looking to help bring sellers to Bonanza, some of which often use eBay ! Any questions please feel free to email us at

Top 10 Reasons to Sell on Bonanza

Booth screenshot

Here’s a handy cheat sheet of great features to mention when recommending Bonanza.

  1. It is absolutely free to list an item.
  2. The 3.5% fee on all standard sales is lower than Amazon or eBay.
  3. Easy inventory management.
  4. Synchronize your inventory with other marketplaces.
  5. Great customer support.
  6. The Background Burner.
  7. Publish items on shopping sites all across the internet.
  8. Boost traffic to your booth with TurboTraffic.
  9. Open your own branded storefront with Bonanza Webstores.
  10. Bonanza listens to feedback from real sellers.

Custom Mylar Bags

We are now re-launching the website with the Custom Mylar Bags as the first item on the catalog of many items to come.

Custom Packaging Deposit – $250 (NON-REFUNDABLE)


Description: Deposit for Setup Fees! Custom Order Deposit!

To Order a Sample pack of mixed Mylar Bags $25 + SH ($3.95)

Item ID:samps
Type:Mixed Samples
Description:Mylar BAG samples – 50pcs/Pack
Max Quantity:1 (LIMIT) (NO refunds or exchange)
Shipping Options:USPS: 3.95to ship 1 pack

This link is also a $80 deposit link for Services/Setup or COD deposit!