IT’S YOUR WORLD, FOIL IT! CAN’T PACK BEST WITHOUT FOIL. You want your work to be brilliant. To dazzle. MSC Foils is a worldwide professional company, aiming to raise and maintain high standards within graphic and plastic industry. Our stamping foils and laminate films are truly brilliant products. We offer multiple stamping foil formulations that will meet any […]

Why young people are choosing to start businesses

The twenty-first century is instant. A mass global market is never more than a few clicks away. People are more diversely and internationally connected than ever before, thanks to the rise of social media and everybody has a voice and a platform to shout it from. Today’s young people are surrounded by opportunities for business […]

2020 VISION – Retail’s Big Show

New York’s Javit’s Center was filled with retail’s most influential leaders and experts for the annual National Retail Federation’s NRF Retail Big Show 2020 Vision.  Defying the notion that today’s consumer industry doesn’t have any room for physical retail anymore, the event was teeming with startup founders, tech innovators, e-commerce executives and retail advocates who […]

Apple iphone watch band

Best Bands Buy apple watch bands series 4 – As low as $7.95 EACH * BEFORE SHIPPING AND HANDLING 10 PCS SAMPLES $94.9550-250 PCS WHOLESALE (50) $487.50 250-2500 PCS DISTRIBUTOR CONTACT SALES apple watch bands series 3 apple watch bands best buy best apple watch bands apple watch bands amazon luxury apple watch bands apple watch 3 bands

Bonanza vs Ebay?

We are now looking to help bring sellers to Bonanza, some of which often use eBay ! Any questions please feel free to email us at Top 10 Reasons to Sell on Bonanza Here’s a handy cheat sheet of great features to mention when recommending Bonanza. It is absolutely free to list an […]

Custom Mylar Bags

We are now re-launching the website with the Custom Mylar Bags as the first item on the catalog of many items to come. Custom Packaging Deposit – $250 (NON-REFUNDABLE) $250 (NON-REFUNDABLE) Description: Deposit for Setup Fees! Custom Order Deposit! To Order a Sample pack of mixed Mylar Bags $25 + SH ($3.95) Item ID: samps […]