Custom Smell Proof Backpacks


These smell proof bags can be customized, color, logos, patches, or whatever your mind can think of. Stop Paying $50-100 per bag, or even $150 when you can buy wholesale samples or even make your own brand.

One common problem we all faced when it came to hiding stash, dog treats, spices, herbs, or any other dry goods was scent leakage.

While we could use some DIY quick rounds to hide them from the eyes of friends or dogs, their smell was something hard to suppress. Especially, if you keep them in a place like a parked car or home.

We also realized that this isn’t a problem our team is facing alone, but thousands of individuals would also be interested in a fool-proof solution.

With that in mind, we searched for solutions and found that “smell proof bags or containers” happen to be the most convenient way to hide stash and protect smell from leaking out.

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